HTPC Launcher

HTPC Launcher is a program for launching full-screen applications. It is designed for use in an environment where only one of several resource-intensive applications should be run at once. HTPC Launcher responds to LIRC [1] key presses by starting a configured application and stopping any others that may still be running.

For example, if HTPC Launcher is configured for XBMC and Steam, then pressing the configured LIRC key for XBMC will launch that program. Next, if the button for Steam is pressed, HTPC Launcher will shut down XBMC and launch Steam.


Install HTPC Launcher using pip:

$ pip install htpc-launcher


Configure HTPC Launcher by creating a configuration file as described in Configuration. HTPC Launcher will not run without a configuration file.

Run HTPC Launcher by executing:

$ htpc-launcher

HTPC Launcher will respond to LIRC codes by starting and stopping your configured applications.

Inspect the run-time log file to diagnose any problems. The log file is located in htpc-launcher.log.


[1]Linux Infrared Remote Control ( is used to read IR signals from your remote control.